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I am trying to construct an associative array in bash

declare -A hero_escore

    hero_escore=( "Invoker_Anti-Mage : -44"
    "Tinker_Nyx Assassin : 32"
    "Troll Warlord_Drow Ranger : 3" )

These are 3 different lines. It is intended to be like that only. But the above code gives an error for each line - Troll Warlord_Drow Ranger : 3: must use subscript when assigning associative array. Is it because it is expecting me to use something like this - [Invoker_Anti-Mage]="-44"? If so is there anyway I can make it work the way I have used in my program using bash 3 or something? I want to construct an associative array with the format that I have given. Is it possible?

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If you are trying to program a game in bash for the sake of making things hard on yourself, rock on. If you are just trying to program a game, bash is a very poor choice of language for the task. – msw Apr 22 '14 at 23:18

If you want an associative array, you'll have to use bash 4 and use the syntax it expects. The code you show would simply assign three strings to an indexed array (if here_escore had not been declared as an associative array).

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hero_escore has been declared as an associative array. But I get the error that I have mentioned in the question. Is there any way by which I can use something like this ${hero_escore["Troll Warlord_Drow Ranger"] to retrieve the value "3" with the existing code? Bash 4 or not. I can make other changes if I have to user bash 3. – Ashwin Apr 22 '14 at 18:42
I know. That's why your assignment fails. You need to use the correct syntax for assigning to an associative array, which is foo=([key1]=value1 [key2]=value2), or foo[key]=value. – chepner Apr 22 '14 at 18:43

I think this solution should work for you in Bash 4:

declare -A hero_escore=( ["Invoker_Anti-Mage"]="-44"
    ["Troll-Warlord_Drow-Ranger"]="3" )

for hero in ${!hero_escore[@]}; do
    echo "$hero : ${hero_escore[$hero]}";

I also found this post really helpful: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1494178/how-to-define-hash-tables-in-bash

Good luck!

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