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Is there any Linux distribution with preinstalled NVIDIA CUDA support that could be launched from a live CD/USB drive?

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Quote from http://superuser.com/questions/72226/linux-live-cd-for-distributed-computing-projects

Dotsch/UX is one.

Dotsch/UX - A USB/Diskless/Harddisk BOINC Ubuntu Linux Distribution

The purpose is to make a Linux distribution for BOINC which easily installs and boot from a USB stick, hard disk and from diskless clients and also has some interfaces to setup the diskless server and the clients automatically.

BOINC Client : The BOINC client comes pre installed and would be started as daemon and would be monitored and kept alive from this daemon. Dotsch/UX 1.0 includes the BOINC client 6.2.15. Dotsch/UX 1.1 includes the BOINC client 6.4.5 for CUDA support.

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