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I have made myself a bootable USB Debian 7 thumbdrive, using debootstrap. It boots nicely - but occasionally freezes for a bit. I can see the load average is much higher than the running tasks should indicate. I wonder if maybe the default ext4 mounting paramaters don't work well in this scenario. Are there things I can change (even at the risk of data loss?) to make it run faster.

I am assuming I could add something to rootflags in the kernel boot params in GRUB2. What flags could I use?

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I don't see how the mounting parameters — or the filesystem creation flags, for that matter — are related to a high load average. During boot, it's normal to have a high load average: all those services are starting up. Do you still have a high load average when the system should be quiescent? When the system freezes, is there disk I/O, and from what processes? – Gilles Apr 17 '14 at 23:40
noatime or diratime may improve disk performance. other than that, I don't know. – strugee Apr 18 '14 at 3:40