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Is there a Linux equivalent of the note-taking software Notational Velocity?

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Can you describe what features of that app you like? – Michael Mrozek May 2 '11 at 21:37
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NVpy is "a cross-platform simplenote-syncing note-taking app inspired by Notational Velocity."

Looking at screenshots NVpy looks like a closer match than TomBoy.

nvpy screenshot

Here's a little write-up of NVpy on Lifehacker.

Though this guy didn't like it and tweaked gvim a bit instead.

Looking more, I found NVim which "is a clone of the mac app Notational Velocity in vim. It is designed for fast plain-text note-taking and retrieval."

enter image description here

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TomBoy is a note taking application for linux, which is probably the closest thing to Notational Velocity currently available.

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Or try Gnote if you don't want the overhead of Mono/.NET – bmaupin Apr 13 at 13:54

As a vim user, I've been meaning to try out SoyWiki: http://danielchoi.com/software/soywiki.html

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