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I have cloned a xorg git repository:

git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-xorg/driver/xserver-xorg-video-intel

and I need to extract all files as they looked after commit 45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f

I know how to extract one file of a specified version, i.e.

git show 45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f:src/intel_driver.h > intel_driver.h

but how can I extract the whole structure (all files) ?

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git checkout? git archive? – Mikel Apr 12 '14 at 13:07
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To check out a specific commit:

git checkout 45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f

This will report an error if it would need to overwrite files that are not committed. To unconditionally overwrite file, pass the -f option.

To extract a commit without affecting the working copy:

git archive 45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f | gzip >../45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f.tar.gz
git archive --prefix=45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f/ 45c09bfe58c37bbf7965af25bdd4fa5c37c0908f | tar xf - -C ..

git archive gives you a tar archive, which you can extract elsewhere or store to a file.

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