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Usually with |more I press space to get another screenful. But with some commands space just does nothing, and I need to actually keep doing SPACE-ENTER to scroll forward a screen at a time. Both more and less behave the same.

On this machine this command shows both behaviours:

php -i |more;tree -A |more

With PHP I need to press ENTER after each space; with tree I just press SPACE and it scrolls.

I've tried a few tricks, such as 2>&1 and using bash, but no luck, e.g.

bash -c "php -i 2>&1;tree -A" | more

Joining the commands like that means SPACE-ENTER is needed for the whole output. So I'm wondering if PHP is outputting some control character that upsets more?

I've tried another machine, over SSH, and php -i does not have this behaviour.

(I have LESS set to -FRX. However I've cleared that variable and the behaviour is the same.)

This is just a minor irritant, so I'm not going to start pulling the two systems apart looking for the difference... just wondered if it rang a bell with anyone.

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To debug this we'll likely need the version of PHP, more, less and Bash + the OS you're using. I cannot reproduce this issue and I've tried it on several OS'es that I have at my disposal. –  slm Apr 10 at 12:57
@slm So you think it is a bug? I was guessing it was a feature being triggered somehow? –  Darren Cook Apr 10 at 23:21
Not necessarily, I think it might be a configuration issue w/in your shell, but need to start at the top in debugging the issue further. If I know the versions I can try replicating them on my side and work my way up to what you have. –  slm Apr 10 at 23:24

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