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I am printing some files from a remote computer to a network printer with the lpr command. It apparently worked, but some minutes later when I typed lpstat or lpq, the job had already disappeared, it had probably already printed the file. Is there a way to check the history or the log of my successfully completed jobs in the printer queue?

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Of course I have no access to the printer right now, and therefore I cannot check if the file was printed or not. –  Santi Apr 7 at 22:09
Via the web interface it is easy. –  Faheem Mitha Apr 7 at 22:11
What is that, could you explain a bit more? –  Santi Apr 7 at 22:13
localhost:631. –  Faheem Mitha Apr 7 at 22:22

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Yes a program exists: lpstat - print cups status information

$ lpstat -W completed
-W which-jobs
     Specifies which jobs to  show,  completed  or  not-completed  (the
     default).  This option must appear before the -o option and/or any
     printer names, otherwise the default (not-completed) value will be
     used in the request to the scheduler.

Or if you prefer via the following web pages:


Kind regards

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I think /var/log/cups/page_log etc. has the history of completed jobs.

An alternative is the web interface


which also shows completed jobs. I'm not sure where the web interface gets its information from.

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