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I'm trying to use xvfb as a secondary screen, but I am struggling getting the two screens working together. xvfb does not seem to have the randr extension.

So is there another possibility to create a virtual screen that could be in dual-head mode together with my real screen?

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Xnest does not support randr either. But Xephyr does.

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You could try using the xf86-video-dummy driver with Xorg to make the second screen.

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Have you considered using Xnest? That works by creating a virtual X server that just proxies all of its incoming X protocol calls to the real X server. It also does not support randr, however, so you may want to consider removing your dependency on that (by switching to an alternate window manager or the like).

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That looks good!I will look into using Xnest together with xinerama to archieve my goal. Stupid me: I thought Xnest only was for testing purposes in terms of creating a kind of jail for Xclients. Anyway, thank you very much! – twall Apr 28 '11 at 20:54

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