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Hi guys I'm getting this error message when running my KSH script:

./file.sh: line 16: syntax error at line 22: `done' unexpected

My code is as follows:


count=$#           #count is assigned num of parameters
num=$1             #assign parameter 1 to num

if test count -gt 9 #make sure theres only 9 numbers
       echo "Only 9 parameters allowed"

echo "Number of Parameters you passed: $count"
printf  "$num + \c"

while test $count -ge 1
     shift 1     #move numbers 1 to left
     num=$1      #assign new value to num
     printf "num + \c"

((sum = sum + num))

echo "$num = $sum"
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You're missing the do keyword:

while ...; do
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((sum += num)) also works – glenn jackman Mar 29 '14 at 20:08

You need a do after the while:

while test $count -ge 1
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