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I am still having problems connecting to X server on CentOS 6.5

My mac has it (X server) installed by default and opens no problem and if I command startx it looks for connections but my remote linux vps is still unable to connect regardless of commands to correct permissions or no root login.

So it occurred to me maybe I don't have X server installed on the linux vps so I went to yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment" vncserver and it says it doesn't exist. Then I did yum groupinstall Desktop which worked.

So my question is am I on track to getting a GUI working? Am I correct in thinking I don't have an X server installed on remote linux system and that is why it won't work? I did find a grep command to check and see if it is there before I started installing the above and did see X in the list so hopefully I am not adding any unnecessary libraries etc.

update: have removed all installs because it makes no difference to being unable to connect to X server and actually I am thinking it is much easier and saves memory if I just do my editing of images in photoshop as usual and forget imagemagick and X server although it bugs me I couldn't get it working! grrr

update2: After doing that it just started on startx with lots of warnings so obviously one of the installs triggered something.

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@slm I can never actually find you to continue with your guidance because you can't msg individuals, but hope you see this or I suppose I could have opened a chat room. I never thought this would prove so difficult. – cea Mar 29 '14 at 4:06

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