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I have just installed Fedora 20 (KDE) and the system informed me that I should get updates.

I checked everything and accepted to install additional ones. It got to a certain point (around 10%) and it failed because of the low space in /var (total space 1024Mb).

I'm aware now that I should have probably set the /var to be larger, but can't yum resolve the issue and do the downloading and installing step by step?

And I can't get the space cleaned with yum clean command which some forum guys said should fix the problem. Should I do complete reinstall and set /var to be larger, or there's some better way to deal with this?

I also get the error when I try to open display configuration:

Executable: kcmshell4 PID: 1863 Signal: Bus error (7) Time: 03/27/14 06:18:15 PM

I'm not sure if it's an issue that the update would fix.

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