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I just added and modified a .desktop file in my /home/user/.local/share/applications folder.

Is there any way to refresh the icon and caption in the list of applications without logging out?

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You can restart the gnome-shell by pressing Alt+F2 and then typing in either "restart" or just "r" and pressing Enter.

Otherwise I've noticed that it automatically refreshes .desktop files after waiting a little while.

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Well, that alt-f2 really made is so I didn't even need to do it. and I did notice that it was refreshing my applications. Now all my applications are gone. I must have messed something up! But there must be cron job to do it then eh? I'll check there. – Peter Turner Apr 27 '11 at 13:41
Worked perfectly for me – garryp Mar 10 at 18:44
This will show "Restart is not available on Wayland" as of gnome-shell-3.20 – lkraav Jun 27 at 22:40

Simple way to do so is:

  1. Kill the gnome-panel service.

    killall gnome-panel
  2. And start it again

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What is gnome-panel? Here's what I have running: bash-4.2$ ps -A | grep gnome 1961 ? 00:00:00 gnome-keyring-d 1969 ? 00:00:00 gnome-session 2074 ? 00:00:23 gnome-settings- 2123 ? 00:21:52 gnome-shell 2132 ? 00:00:01 gnome-power-man 2141 ? 00:00:05 gnome-screensav 2228 ? 00:00:00 gnome-shell-cal – Peter Turner Apr 27 '11 at 13:52
Do you have the gnome-panel binary ? I do have this file on debian-5. May be you do not have it as you are using Gnome-3 – SHW Apr 27 '11 at 13:55
Yeah I've got the binary (I did an update from Fedora 14, not a fresh install), but I don't see where it's running. No .pid file, not showing up in processes, but if I try to run it, it tells me that it's already running. – Peter Turner Apr 27 '11 at 14:14
simple try to run those two commands I mentioned. – SHW Apr 27 '11 at 14:42
gnome-panel is not part of GNOME Shell which is what manages application entries in GNOME 3. – Guss Sep 9 '15 at 8:59

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