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I have some cron jobs set up to run, some of them each minute. I know I can log them to text files by simply putting php /path/to/file.php > /var/logs/something.txt but can I do this every minute? The nature of the log's output means that the log file will be very small, but I don't know how to log each minute's output to a separate file.


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You can pipe the output to cronolog for log file time handling. For documentation see Cronolog Usage and download Cronolog at Sourceforge

General example

command "|/path/to/cronolog [OPTIONS] logfile-spec"

where logfile-spec for you could be

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As pointed out by jasonwryan here, you could try something like this:

* * * * * bash -lc "php /path/to/file.php" > "/var/logs/something_$(date +\%Y\%m\%d-\%h\%m).txt" 2>&1

The bash -lc is here to be sure you script will be executed with the same environment as you are use to (in particular $PATH).

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