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This very well may be stupidity on my part. I would like to accept Yes/No, True/False responses within my Bash script:




echo User passed in $ARGUMENT


if [[ "$OPTARG" -eq 0 ]] || [[ "${OPTARG^^}" == "N" ]]; then
    echo Decline
elif [[ "$OPTARG" -eq 1 ]] || [[ "${OPTARG^^}" == "Y" ]]; then
    echo Accept
    echo Invalid argument

Here are some sample results:

./test.sh 0

User passed in 0

./test.sh 1

User passed in 1

./test.sh 2

User passed in 2
Invalid argument

./test.sh No

User passed in No

Now the stumper. Why is [[ "${OPTARG^^}" == "N" ]] returning true for any string!?

./test.sh Yes

User passed in Yes

./test.sh ThisShouldNotMatch

User passed in ThisShouldNotMatch
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what happens if you quote this? OPTARG="${ARGUMENT:0:1}" – mikeserv Mar 15 '14 at 16:20
Nevermind. Goldilocks is right. – mikeserv Mar 15 '14 at 16:20
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if [[ "$OPTARG" -eq 0 ]] 

Will match any string, unless it is just digits. Use:

if [[ "$OPTARG" == "0" ]] 


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Although the problem in your code has been well explained by goldilocks, I cannot resist saying that your code is needlessly long. You could simplify it a lot.

The following is equivalent to your desired code:

echo User passed in $1
if [[ "$1" == [nN0]* ]]; then      # First argument starts with either n, N, or 0
    echo Decline
elif [[ "$1" == [yY1]* ]]; then    # First argument starts with either y, Y, or 1
    echo Accept
    echo Invalid argument

You might also want to refer to Conditional Constructs in the manual.

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Thank you, devnull. I will definitely use this trick in future scripts! I was torn as to whether I should accept your answer, but I think the distinctions in goldilocks' answer may be helpful for others. – i_grok Mar 16 '14 at 14:23
@i_grok I did mention in my answer that goldilocks' answer points to the problem. I simply presented an alternate approach that seemed more readable. It's good to see multiple approaches to solving a problem come up. Regarding which answer is accepted is a relatively trivial affair. – devnull Mar 16 '14 at 14:39

Also you can use case

read -p 'Do you want to Continue (yes/no?): ' 
case $REPLY in
       [yY]|[yY][eE][sS]) echo Accept             ;;
           [nN]|[nN][oO]) echo Decline            ;;
                       *) echo "Invalid argument" ;;
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