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I want to configure bind such that the host served differ depending on the domain asked.

the use case is the following: it must respond to anyone if the requested domain is in the domain my server is authoritative for, and must accept to respond to a limited range of IP addresses otherwise. (I don't want a open recursive resolver)

I think this should be possible through the ''listen-for'' directive, but i'm unsure.

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The BIND keyword you are looking for is allow-recursion. Here is a sample configuration similar to what you want:


options {
 directory "/var/named";
 allow-recursion {;};
zone "." {
 type hint;
 file "root.servers";
zone "" in{
 type master;
 file "master/";

If you want, say, "" to have the IP, say, when queried from the Internet but the IP when queried from your office, this is called split horizon DNS

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