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I'm running FreeBSD 10 and I'd like to build dwm. I've installed Xorg using pkg install. Where are the headers located? Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I first looked in /usr/X11R6 ... not there. Anyone has any idea where Xorg will install its headers files in FreeBSD?

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You can install dwm from port (/usr/ports/x11-wm/dwm). You can use own config.h:

make DWM_CONF=/path/to/dwm/config.h

I think you should use the port system instead of own compiling - it appears in your packages list.

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Same place as earlier versions. /usr/local/include/xorg but most of what you want is probably in /usr/local/include/X11 from xproto and libX11...

Also pkg info -lx xorg-server will list files installed by xorg-server which can help point you in the right direction.

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