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I have an existing ssh tunnel which connects machine A to C over B.

#user@A: ssh -N user@B -L 9999:C:9999 

Is there any way to create a new ssh tunnel on D and attach it to the existing tunnel so that i can connect machine D to C? I tried to use

#user@D: ssh -N user@A -L 9999:C:9999 

but I get a no route to host error when trying to connect to C with

#user@D: telnet localhost 9999
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Providing you have already set up your tunnel on A to C via B, then

You want

#user@D: ssh -N user@A -L 9999:localhost:9999

#user@D: telnet localhost 9999
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You are just creating another tunnel, it is not connecting to the existing tunnel. You probably want to connect to "localhost" on machine A instead (instead of C, which is already tunneled through B from A).

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Ok, you mean by #user@D: ssh -N user@A -L 9999:A:9999? This just gives me a connection refused error. – greole Mar 3 '14 at 11:59

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