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Trying to install little PDF presentation soft (https://github.com/TrilbyWhite/Slider).

When trying to do "make" I get this:

slider.h:9:21: fatal error: poppler.h: No such file or directory

if I go to slider.h and change the #include<poppler.h> to <#include </usr/include/poppler/glib/poppler.h>, then I get:

/usr/include/poppler/glib/poppler.h:22:25: fatal error: glib-object.h: No such file or directory  #include <glib-object.h>

So maybe could someone help me with this. Is it just unsatisfied dependencies or what?

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On wheezy I get

root@orwell:/home/faheem# apt-file search poppler.h
emscripten: /usr/share/emscripten/tests/poppler/glib/poppler.h
emscripten: /usr/share/emscripten/tests/poppler/glib/reference/html/poppler-poppler.html
emscripten-doc: /usr/share/emscripten/demos/poppler.html
libpoppler-glib-dev: /usr/include/poppler/glib/poppler.h
libpoppler-glib-dev: /usr/share/doc/libpoppler-glib-dev/html/poppler/poppler-poppler.html
libpoppler-glib-doc: /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/poppler/poppler-poppler.html

Do you have libpoppler-glib-dev or similar installed?

Also, did you really mean

<#include </usr/include/poppler/glib/poppler.h>

? I think you want something like

#include <poppler/glib/poppler.h>
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Thank you for your trouble, resolved it by re-cloning the git and then everything worked flawlessly :) – Ežiukas Stebintis Pasaulį Feb 28 '14 at 22:58

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