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Giving up on trying to use videosub.js, I am now trying to hard code subtitles to the video file using ffmpeg.

Have run into trouble with configuration files not found, when trying to hard code the srt type of subtitle on flv type of video file.I decided to convert the srt file to an ass type subtitle but that didn't work either.

Now I am wondering, if it is because you can't do it with an flv type video or I need to go back to fixing the error I'm getting when trying to run the command. I am using Linux CentOS 6.4 using latest static release of ffmpeg for 32bit. That being :

Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

This is what I see in ffmpeg static folder:

-bash-4.1# cd ffmpeg-static
-bash-4.1# ls
-bash-4.1# cd 32bit
-bash-4.1# ls
-bash-4.1# cd var
-bash-4.1# ls
-bash-4.1# cd cache
-bash-4.1# ls
-bash-4.1# cd fontconfig
-bash-4.1# ls
3830d5c3ddfd5cd38a049b759396e72e-.cache-3  CACHEDIR.TAG

I have since noticed besides the ffmpeg script residing in /usr/bin there is only one other folder at root being the listed one above with only the cache so obviously I have missed many added installs because also I have no fplayer.

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