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I'm not sure if I'm asking that right, but here is the script:

# foundation-setup.sh --- Gets the latest Zurb Foundation release
if test $1
    mkdir $* 
    cd $* 
    wget -q http://foundation.zurb.com/cdn/releases/foundation-latest.zip
    unzip -q foundation-latest.zip
    rm foundation-latest.zip
       echo 'Missing directory Argument!'

When I run this with ./foundation-setup.sh a b c, it works but it only unzips to the first directory argument. I think it has something to do with the cd $* . By the way I'm new to Linux and Bash.

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If you want to extract the downloaded zip in each of the three directories the middle part of the script should be:

mkdir -- "$@" || exit 
wget -q http://foundation.zurb.com/cdn/releases/foundation-latest.zip &&
  for d do
       cd -- "$d" &&
         unzip -q ../foundation-latest.zip
  done &&
  rm foundation-latest.zip
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