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I am interested in determining the status of a RAID array on my system (using Debian, and Intel ICH10R sata RAID controller = fakeRAID). What I have learned so far is that:

  1. I can use CSMI I/O control codes in order to get the status (and a bunch of other info) about the RAID.
  2. I need to open a device node for the host bus adapter in order to get a file descriptor so that I can use ioctl() and send the CSMI control codes.

The constraint for my problem is that the solution must be done using C or C++, and not through a shell script. I have managed to solve this in Windows, so I know that at least it is possible.

Right now, I'm stuck because I am not sure of the name of the device node for the hba, and I'm uncertain as to how I can find out. Also, I'm wondering if there's a better way... I have thought about libdevmapper, but I'm still unsure how I could use it.

Does anyone know what concepts I still need to look into, and the direction that I need to look?

Thanks for your help!

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I have a feeling that I need a device driver for the ICH10R for Debian (which would support the CSMI I/O control codes), but it doesn't appear that Intel has a device driver specifically for Debian. Can anyone confirm this? – Sandra E Apr 19 '11 at 15:28
This answers my question: spinics.net/lists/dm-devel/msg15009.html – Sandra E Apr 19 '11 at 18:52

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