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A simple question, but I can't find the answer. the zsh documentation overwhelms me :-(

function z ()
  echo ${1:s/the/THE}

$ z thethethe


How can I get all 'the' to be replaced with 'THE', not just the first occurrence? With zsh it's the easiest things that seem to be the hardest to find examples for.

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This is a history expansion modifier, so add the g modifier immediately before s.

echo ${1:gs/the/THE}

Alternatively, use the parameter expansion syntax where a double slash means a global substitution. In this case, the part after s// is a wildcard pattern, whereas history expansion substitution takes a literal string.

echo ${1//the/THE}
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This should do the job:

echo ${VARIABLE//the/THE}
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Thereyago, it had to be simple:

echo ${1//the/THE}

... the double slash does it, and you can't fool around with " :s "

BTW, I'd sure like to thank the 'StackExchange' sites for existing. Of all the zillions of places one might ask a question, these are by far the best--one not only almost always gets answers, but those answers are invariably of the highest quality.

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