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I want to handle a DRM file format, which adds an encryption wrapper outside of the protected content. Please see the diagram.


| DRM wrapper MIME |

| _______________________

| | Embedded content MIME | |

| |______________________| |


I also write some media applications for it. But every DRM-ware applications can support only a few embedded content MIME types. For example, a DRM-aware music player can only support DRM-protected or clear songs while a DRM-aware picture viewer can only support protected or clear pictures.

So how can I write the .desktop entry of such DRM-aware applications? If I set MIME type to the DRM wrapper MIME type, my music player may be launched to open a DRM-protected picture and fails. And because the embedded content can be various while the wrapper MIME type is unique, I can expect many such failures.

Is there any better practice to handle this issue?

Is it feasible to invent new MIME types that mix the wrapper MIME type and the embedded content type? E.g. audio/mpeg-xx- secured or image/jpeg-xx-secured and using them in the .desktop entry of my DRM-aware applications?

Great thanks!


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