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I am currently in a architecture amd64, so when I try apt-get download vlc, it downloaded the appropriate architecture for my system, but how can I download the i386 version via apt?

It's for export to another system that doesn't have internet connection, also is there is any way to download any dependencies that follow?

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Do you want to install it? –  Braiam Feb 15 at 0:56
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Yes you can, just append :i386 to the download command, like this:

sudo apt-get download <package>:i386  

So for you:

sudo apt-get download vlc:i386  

I am unaware of any way of automatically downloading a packages dependencies, besides build-dep but that won't work in your case.

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And what about build-dep package:i386? –  enedil Feb 15 at 1:19
@enedil build-dep downloads and installs, so this would install a bunch of i386 packages on his machine, which is not what he wants. See man apt-get for details. –  Seth Feb 15 at 1:22
There is also an aptitude download command. Not sure if it is multiarch enabled though. –  Faheem Mitha Feb 18 at 21:05
@FaheemMitha Yes, aptitude can do just about everything apt-get can. –  Seth Feb 18 at 21:07
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