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I've installed program trickle that allow to throttle the net for specified command like:

trickle -u10 -d10 <COMMAND>

How to add bash completion for all binaries to trickle command?

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Do you have, and load, the file /etc/bash_complete or an equivalent directory? It defines a bunch of completions and extension facilities beyond what's built into bash. If you have access to them, you can probably just use

complete -o filenames -F _command trickle

It will complete the first argument of trickle as a command, and will then try to apply appropriate completion rules for subsequent arguments. But it depends on the shell function _command, which is defined in the above file (in my Debian system, at least). YMMV on other Linux distributions, and the file doesn't seem to be present in Darwin (OS X 10.8).

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Actually there's an even simpler way to do this:

complete -c trickle

which will add completion of all available commands. If you wanted to do something fancy for the -u, -d etc. options there's some useful information here.

As an aside: the man documentation for complete is pretty understandable but it's buried way down in the enormous bash manpage. The html version is much easier to get at.

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