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I'm trying to figure out how many lines of code I have for files that end in *.pp

 find . -name *.pp -type f  | wc -l

I know that I have 39 files, how can I figure out how many lines of code those 39 files contain?

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The following will do the job

find . -name *.pp -type f -exec wc -l {} \;
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Try this version:

$ find . -iname "*.pp" -type f  -exec wc -l {} +

Here's an example using .cpp files:

$ find . -iname "*.cpp" -type f -exec wc -l {} +
  229 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/utilsfuncswin.cpp
  269 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/utilsfuncs.cpp
   84 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/jrubyexe.cpp
   85 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/unixlauncher.cpp
  250 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/platformlauncher.cpp
  593 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/argparser.cpp
  452 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/jvmlauncher.cpp
   77 ./jruby-launcher-1.0.7-java/jruby.cpp
 2039 total

I believe if you have more files than will fit on a single command line call to wc that it will give you a total per each call, but this can be modified to do a total of totals if needed.

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