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I use Debain stable with Gnome3. The network manager has this unpractical behaviour:
When the laptop in powser-safe mode (lid shut), the wireless network is off. Good.
When I open the lid and log in, at first I have no connection. The network manager shows to be searching for a connection, when I right click on it it shows my home network as the selected one. After (usually) several minutes, I get prompted for the password for my home w-lan (that is allready entered into the prompt), then my computer actually connects to the w-lan and I'm good. I'd like to get rid of the waiting period.

There's another, connected thing that's bothering me: When I login and do nothing for a while, my laptop is supposed to lock the screen (and does so most of the time). But the prompt for the w-lan password prevents locking the screen until the password is entered.

How can I change the behaviour upon login, meaning to get the network manager to prompt me for my password and find a new connection at once?

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