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zsh includes a powerful utility for parsing command-line options zparseopts, but for quick shell scripts and shell functions, but is there an easy way to extract the array of all command-line arguments that do not begin with a hyphen?

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ok, searching online i came across something like nohyph=(${argv##-*}). I'm not sure how robust it is... – kjo Feb 8 '14 at 20:07
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Filter the positional parameters $@ with the parameter expansion suffix :#-* to strip elements matching the pattern -* and the parameter expansion flag @ inside double quotes to preserve empty elements. Add the M flag to retain only the elements that match the pattern.


However this is not a good way of parsing command line arguments; for example, given

myscript hello -a world

you will get hello and world in non_hyphen_arguments and -a in hyphen_arguments.

The simpler form of argument parsing, with single-letter options, is getopts.

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