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Are there any Debian DVDs (Lenny, 5.0) out there that include the non-free hardware driver components?

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Do you mean non-free firmware? If so, I found a link to some images here:


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+1 Thanks, exactly what I needed! – Daniel Apr 15 '11 at 15:31

Here's the policy from Debian - Non Free Software:

Where is the CD image with non-free?

Debian has a quite strict view with regard to the licenses of software: Only software that is Free in the sense of the Debian Free Software Guidelines is allowed into the actual distribution. All the other, non-free software (for example, software for which source code is not available) is not supported officially.

The official CDs may freely be used, copied and sold by anyone anywhere in the world. Packages of the non-free category have restrictions that conflict with this, so these packages are not placed on the official CDs.

Sometimes, someone is kind enough to create unofficial non-free CDs. If you cannot find any links on this website, you can try asking on the debian-cd mailing list.

Mailing List FAQ

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