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I know how to put different Linuxes on a live persistent usb, but I have noticed that updating/upgrading a such system increases the risk of breaking it.

From my experience it looks like the persistence feature is just an enhancement that provides some space for supplementary changes like installing an office suite, some multimedia players, internet browsers, and for the settings made inside applications. But persistence space is not meant for changes in the system files or in the important drivers. Attempting such changes seems useless (they are not remembered) or dangerous (the drive would not boot after a while). I have asked a specific question on this - here.

I know I can disable updates but what type of distro would need them the least - that is - would be meant to update rarely and not need a lot of update-upgrade considering the purpose of being used on an usb flash drive?

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Pendrive Linux might also be a good fit. pendrivelinux.com –  slm Feb 4 at 14:11
@slm - is pendrive linux an os? –  cipricus Feb 4 at 14:21
No it's a tool for helping to install distros on thumbdrives. My thought is that it might help w/ your concerns about "breaking" your thumbdrive by assisting in tuning whatever distro you install for use on a thumbdrive. –  slm Feb 4 at 14:30
@slm - sorry, maybe i was not explicit enough: what i mean is breaking the system that is put on a live persistent usb. I mean that I do know how to create a such thing and that I have a certain experience with it. only that upgrading/updating a such system would break it (the system, not the thumbdrive), and for this reason i am looking for an OS that just doesn't need a lot of update-upgrade. i'll re-elaborate –  cipricus Feb 4 at 14:38
Oh you mean break as in usability, not in wearing out the thumbdrive, right? –  slm Feb 4 at 15:00

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A live distro such as NimbleX or others that use AuFS.

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I am about to give it a try. What tool would you recommend in order to create a live persistent usb version? –  cipricus Feb 4 at 15:01

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