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I want to mirror all files for example KDEs to local directory. I used

$ wget -m -P ./kde http://alien.slackbook.org/ktown/current/4.12.1/x86_64/kde/

But after a while it broke. To continue I added -c option and tried again. As :

$ wget -c -m -P ./kde http://alien.slackbook.org/ktown/current/4.12.1/x86_64/kde/

But got the following error (I get error in second time I tried if it downloaded index.html previously):

Saving to: './kde/alien.slackbook.org/ktown/current/4.12.1/x86_64/kde/index.html'

[ <=> ] 0 --.-K/s in 0s

Cannot write to './kde/alien.slackbook.org/ktown/current/4.12.1/x86_64/kde/index.html' (Success). Converted 0 files in 0 seconds.

And downloading breaks again at this point. How should I continue a wget mirroring?

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Are you sure you have enough disk space in there ? df -h . –  Slyx Feb 4 at 5:08
@Slyx: Yes: 99G 49G 45G 52% /home –  Mohammad Etemaddar Feb 4 at 5:33
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