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I have a Brother MFC-J630W all-in-one printer-scanner-fax. I have the sane software installed, along with the sane driver provided by Brother. The scanner has a document feeder.

I'm using this command:

 scanimage --device-name "$device" --resolution 300 > $output_file

Everything was working well until I used the document feeder to scan a legal-sized page. Now, if I put any letter-sized page into the document feeder, I end up with a legal-sized scan.

The biggest problem is, I don't (yet) know if this is a problem on the scanner side, or on the software side. All I know for certain is that the pnm file created by scanimage is legal-sized.

Does anybody have any ideas for troubleshooting and/or fixing this problem?

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You might want to try opening Xsane and changing the default scan settings for sane in there then trying a test scan. (It also supports batch mode). – virtualxtc Feb 3 '14 at 21:47
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I have Brother A3 (MFC 6490CW) scanner and to scan A4 on that I use:

scanimage -x 209.981 -y 296.973 -l 43.496 --format=tiff \
    --batch=xx_00%03d.tif --batch-start=0

I had to experiment a bit to get the '-l' value right, my feeder is centered.

It takes a while before scanimage connect to the scanner and starts.

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I think you're right. I just found that scanimage tells me that the default value for -y is 355.6 mm, which is 14 inches. So maybe it always worked that way and I just didn't notice. – hymie Feb 4 '14 at 3:47

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