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A simialr question Host name on terminal changes when I connect internet : why? But since it was not resolved in my case so I am putting it here and asking in a different way.

The answer given here by chaos did not help me as I could not find the file mentioned in RHEL 6.0 64 bit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf

The content of the file:




. I can see there is no DHCP_HOSTNAME. But Still I am seeing a strange issue here. And the issue is that when I am not connected to internet:

[acme@localhost ~]$

But when I connect to internet:

 [acme@dhcppc9 ~]$

Why it is happening?

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Your dhcp client is getting an answer from your dhcp server with a hostname for your computer and it's your dhcp client that is changing your hostname. Try looking at the options of your client (dhclient or dhcpcd).

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