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I often use only two applications, terminal and web browser.

I like the tmux application which enables to split a terminal window into more regions. I noticed that I can open lynx in another region and have a browser and terminal displayed at the same time. But command-line browsers aren't very nice for viewing web pages.

Konqueror is able to split a web page into more regions. It would be great if there was a browser which could display a web page in one region and a terminal in another region.

Is there already a program combining web browser and terminal?

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The job of splitting the screen into regions is normally devoted to the window manager. Many window managers have facilities to quickly set up or recall a window arrangement.

If you find that you divide your screen between unobscured windows often, you may want to switch to a tiling window manager. Choosing a tiling WM has already been discussed on this site: Need advice in choosing a tiling WM; Tiling windows in GNOME.

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That's great and yet more general solution than I was looking for. Could you recommend me something for the beginner with quick learning curve (and later I would try something more sophisticated)? I'm not using GNOME (I'm using XFCE). I have a small display 15" so it would be great if the manager could turn off the graphical needlessness (the bar with name of the application, resizing buttons like _ [] x). – xralf Apr 12 '11 at 19:23
@xralf: Tiling WMs are generally good at not wasting screen real estate. You'll find recommendations in the first question I link to. – Gilles Apr 12 '11 at 19:27

Try Firefox plus the FireSSH add-on.

If you only want a local terminal, you can make it SSH to localhost.

By default, FireSSH wants to open SSH sessions in a separate window, but you can configure it to open them in a tab instead. That's not the same thing as a split window, I realize, but it does let you toggle back and forth between the two with Ctrl-PageUp and -PageDn.

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Looks interesting. I only have to upgrade my firefox and there is only .tar.gz file (not debian package) so I have to backup first if something happened. It's good that this solution exists but split window would be better than new tab. ctrl-pageUp is similar as alt-tab. I will try it with yubnub split command if it helps. – xralf Apr 12 '11 at 17:49
I tried FireSSH with yubnub, and it didn't work. Firefox does have the ability for add-ons to create side-bars (prime example: Firebug) so maybe you could ask the add-on's author to add this feature. – Warren Young Apr 12 '11 at 18:17
Good idea. If they would combine some firebug functionality with FireSSH functionality. Maybe it would be possible to code it, if chrome windows have this flexibility. – xralf Apr 12 '11 at 18:44

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