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When I am viewing a log file in less is it possible to make less reload the file to get lines which were appended to that file since it was opened?

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Press Shift+F (for “follow”, like in tail -f). This will start the continuous output. You can exit the continuous output display with Ctrl+C and refine or cancel your filter pattern or start a search.

From man less:

Scroll forward, and keep trying to read when the end of file is reached. Normally this command would be used when already at the end of the file. It is a way to monitor the tail of a file which is growing while it is being viewed. (The behavior is similar to the "tail -f" command.)

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When you have opened a text file in Less, by pressing F (Shift+F), you can change to follow mode. Less will then wait for new data. You can also use less +F to start Less in follow mode.

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