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I've been using linux (ubuntu, debian, and salix) for a few years but have never been able to create a bootable usb drive from within linux. I've always had to use pendrivelinux which is a downloadable .exe I would like to not use windows at all anymore but have not found a guide for this particular problem that I have been able to get working.

Can someone provide step by step instructions/links for creating a debian boot usb drive?

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Is not that hard, all you need is a USB device with enough space (4 GB or more) and the ISO image of Debian.

  1. Format your USB device with FAT32 file system. The easiest way is to use GParted.

  2. Use dd as root to copy the ISO image to your USB device.

    dd if=/path/to/your/debianxxx.iso of=/dev/sdx

sdx is tha name of your USB device in the system, e.g. sdb, sdc, etc.

WARNING: Make sure you use the correct name for your device because dd will destroy any data on that device.

Now reboot your PC and boot from the USB.

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