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I currently have a VPS set up with postfix and dovecot, running on a mail server located at mail.noelforte.com. The setup works fine for receiving mail, as whenever mail is sent to @noelforte.com, the MX records point the mail to my mail server and I can receive it. How can I configure postfix to send mail from noelforte.com, and not mail.noelforte.com, while still routing mail through the mail.noelforte.com server so it can be authenticated via SSL?

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By editing /etc/mailname, I changed the system mail name to be noelforte.com, instead of mail.noelforte.com. Does doing this have any ramifications, or is making this change ok, even though the hostname in /etc/postfix/main.cf is different? –  Noel Forte Jan 23 at 18:21

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