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If I have GRUB2 installed on a system that is using a foreign keyboard and I want to use CLI Mode, what key would I press? On Latin-based keyboards, we would press "C", but other alphabets lack the symbol "C". Is there a special GRUB documentation page for foreign keyboards? Are older forms of GRUB the same (GRUB Legacy)?

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Latin is foreign to most people in this world. What keyboard are you using/do you have problems with? – Timo Jan 18 '14 at 7:29
@Timo I am wanting to know how I can figure out which button to press. I do not have a specific keyboard in mind. The main reasons I ask are because #1 curiosity and #2 just in case I come across a situation like that. – Devyn Collier Johnson Jan 18 '14 at 10:42

The grub manual describes the limitations caused by platforms and that GRUB only uses AT keyboards. I am not aware of any keyboards for foreign languages that do not also support basic ASCII.

All European seem to do so, even if specific characters are not used in a language (except for foreign words). Spanish keyboards have k and w that were not in the Spanish alphabet originally.

Even Japanese and Korean do have ASCII characters. So do Thai, and Traditional Chinese.

Even the simple foreign keyboards used in the USA have all of these characters (maybe because A in ASCII stands for USA and not all of of the North and South America continents), although those keyboards have some keys at different location than I was used to.

Although that all is not a proof, I feel safe to say that any keyboard AT style keyboard for all definitions of "foreign" will allow you to use grub. You might have some problems with non-AT style steno keyboards: enter image description here

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I figured it out. Foreign keyboards have Latin letters on them. So, I can still press "C" which on a Greek keyboard would also be "Ψ".

Greek Keyboard

Image from http://aramedia.com/kb-fireflygreek.jpg

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The actual property that matters is the scancode sent, which is a property that exist far further down the chain than having "Latin letters" used (which key sends which scancode is is a property of the keyboard class, not the characters imbued on its keys). – Chris Down Apr 9 '14 at 5:12

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