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I have sometimes problem when during entering password for su other window appears and steals the focus ("wait - did I just entered root password on public IRC chatroom?" - it did not happened but might).

Is it possible to configure su/sudo/PAM to use system dialog instead of terminal? I'm using gnome3/gnome-shell if it helps.

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That feels like the wrong question: what matters isn't whether you type your password in the terminal window or a dedicated window, but whether focus stealing is prevented while you're typing your password. – Gilles Apr 9 '11 at 21:46
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You can use gksu and gksudo in Gnome to have a password prompt window presented. I believe that under Gnome the gksu(do) prompt windows are protected from focus stealing.

You use gksu(do) in the same way you use su(do):

gksudo apt-get update

gksu Bob

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