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Mutt IMAP is working just fine ... until IMAP server drops the connection.

Then mutt automatically reconnects to the server - also just fine, according to the messages in the status line - but! it clears the list of messages in its index screen upon reconnect and requires manual reentry into the mailbox to regenerate the message list, which is virtually equal to a mutt restart!

Happens with all IMAP servers I tried: Gmail, Dovecot, CyrusIMAP.

This is a major annoyance especially when you have done a big selection of messages for a group operation and suddenly you have start all over.

Or am I perhaps missing something? May it be that mutt doesn't reconnect really, gives misleading status messages and I need a mutt next generation?

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Mutt's IMAP performance has always been flaky, you are probably better off using another application like OfflineIMAP or isync to manage that for Mutt... – jasonwryan Jun 16 '14 at 23:58

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