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I am using a macBook Pro I enter: new-host-2:~ Justin$ hostname And it returns: new-host-2.home

Why is this when it says in setting/sharing my computers name is "Justin's macbook pro" and computers on my local network can access my computer at "Justins-MacBook-Pro.local"

The tutorial I am reading says that the command should return one of the "many" names of your computer, I am assuming this is one, but if it is where else on my computer can I find this name or a list of names for my computer? And why did it not return "Justins-MacBook-Pro.local", this format was what the tutorials computer returned?

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This might be helpful: superuser.com/q/357159/151431 – terdon Jan 15 '14 at 1:44
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MAC OS X maintains at least three different names for different usages (ComputerName, HostName and LocalHostName).

You can set the command line hostname to a different value with this command:

scutil --set HostName "justins"
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