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After buying a 64 GB MicroSDXC card and plugging it into my Android phone, it wasn't recognized. What do I need to do to use the space on this device? Many articles suggest installing closed source Windows programs for this, but I suspect it should be easy on Linux.

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This does the job:

  1. Put the card in a card reader on your machine.
  2. See the end of dmesg to find the device path (for example /dev/sdx).
  3. If the device has any data on it, now is the time to back it up!
  4. If the device was auto-mounted, sudo umount /dev/sdx.
  5. Run sudo gparted /dev/sdx (or gksudo/kdesu if you have one of those).
  6. If you have any partitions, delete them.
  7. Create a new, unformatted partition taking up the full disk (this is the default), and with the label "msdos". I don't know whether the label is necessary, but some online guides mentioned it.
  8. In a shell, run sudo mkfs.exfat /dev/sdx1.

Your SD card should now be ready to use in your Android phone.

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