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Can I do the following to change where mail goes for one specific crontab job in root's crontab (don't sent to root for Do Something job, just send to porklover):

# Make a hambone appear
* * * * * /scripts/hambone.pl

# Eat Ham
* * * * * /scripts/manga_ham.py



#Do something
* * * * * /scripts/chown_abrahams_niece.sh

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No, you can't do it this way. Variable definitions in a crontab are global, and cron uses the same email address for all commands.

One workaround would be to use a local address and redirect based on the input.

Another method to send the output of a job to a different address is to do the sending manually. See How to pipe output from one process to another but only execute if the first has output? for various methods.

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