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I would like to execute a command by double-clicking on a starter on my Ubuntu Lucid desktop. More specifically, I would like to start a rdesktop session. I have thus entered

rdesktop -u user -d domain address.to.remote.server

into the Command field of the starter. However, double clicking does nothing, even though the starter is set to executable. What am I doing wrong?

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Open a terminal and run tail -n0 -f ~/.xsession-errors just before you double click the launcher icon. Watch for error messages appearing when double clicking. – forcefsck Apr 7 '11 at 11:44

Thanks to the hint on checking the .xsession-errors log, I was able to solve my own question. As a matter of fact, I realized that the % sign in

rdesktop -u user -d domain -g 90% address.to.remote.server

is required to be escaped by a %% as in -g 90%%. Strangely, this is not necessary if the command is entered directly in the shell.

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