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I'm using virtualbox 4.2.18 with Windows 7 host and a Ubuntu 13.10 guest.

I've shared a folder from Windows host to the guest OS using the Virtualbox settings for shared-folder. At first, there was a permission denied problem. But after installing GNOME system manager and changing the group sharing option, now I'm able to open the shared folders from the Ubuntu guest. However, it keeps on showing loading at the bottom and the contents don't come at all even though there is only one file in the directory.

How can I resolve this?

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that might be a know bug. try to use the cli and copy the file using the full path. ex: cp /sf_mount/file /home/my_user. If it works it is because of a bug with kernel 3.10 and up if I remember correctly. –  BitsOfNix Jan 3 at 14:43

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