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I have created a new Fedora live USB with the intention of booting into rescue mode and fixing the bootloader, so that I can dualboot win7 and Fedora 20. However, I do not understand how I am to boot into rescue mode, seeing as the installation boot prompt is not shown as described by the guide, I am taken directly to the installation process.

Pressing tab when given the option to run Fedora Live allows me write stuff in a terminalish thingy, but writing

linux rescue

simply starts the Fedora Live as usual. Some sources claim that I need the DVD, not the LiveUSB. I will try this shortly.

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When you boot the live distros you'll typically get a screen like this:

   ss of grub boot menu

When you get to this screen just hit the Esc key which will bring up the grub boot prompt from where you can type linux rescue.

Additional boot options are covered here in this Fedora document titled: 7.1.3. Additional Boot Options.


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