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I have a VPS with 4 IP addresses. I am changing the IP address of eth0 on daily basis. eht0:1 has its own IP address.

eth0 (,,
eth0:1 (

I have my custom written Python scripts those are continuously uploading data to remote database and other processes. I want to know which interface my scripts will use?

Because I am changing the eth0 IP address daily, I want that my script will use only eth0. And I want to use eth0:1 for ping and http apache server.

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It depends on your routing table configuration, not NIC interfaces.

So to find out which interface it is using, you need to know which gateway kernel uses to route the packets, e.g

%> ip route get dev vboxnet0  src 

Fom the output you can tell the interface in use is vboxnet0

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