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I want it to give me all the sar/sadc options, interrupts,disk,etc.. every 10 seconds starting at noon for the entire hour. On the second line I want to capture the info in /proc/interrupts every minute for the hour of noon in a log file. Please verify the syntax.

* 12 * * *  root /usr/lib64/sa/sa1 -S XALL 10 360
*/1 12 * * *  root cat /proc/interrupts >> /root/proc_int.log && date >> /root/proc_int.log
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The sa1 command collects and stores binary data in system activity data file. The command is a kind of shell wrapper of sadc command and it accepts all its parameters. So check the sadc man page for details.

The first line above is correct as XALL means to collect all available system activities. The collection will run for 1 hour (10 * 360s = 3600s = 1h) as required. The second line is all right as well.

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