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Laptop OS: XUbuntu 12.04

Home PC: XUbuntu 12.04 guest on Windows 7 host

Embedded Things: Mix of Raspberry Pis or Beaglebones

I'm trying to share the wireless connection on a laptop with multiple embedded devices connected to the laptops ethernet port, through a switch. So far all I've had to do was use Network Manager to set the Method drop down box in the Wired tab of the Network Connections dialog box to Shared to other computers, as instructed from other searches.

Doing this allows the embedded devices to communicate with the outside world and get internet access. They are able to ping every device on my network. The opposite direction is the problem; the only device that can directly ping the embedded devices by IP (hostnames do not work) is the laptop that they are connected to. Here's the setup:

My home network is 192.168.1.x and the IPs being assigned from the shared ethernet port on the laptop are 10.42.0.x. Each embedded device has a static IP assigned to it.

My goal is to have every device able to communicate with every other device, including virtual machines running on the Home PCs. This may not be the correct setup and I'm open to modifying anything, but it's the closest I've come so far.

The purpose of this setup is to run http://www.ros.org/ on the laptop and embedded devices long term. I also need to run it short-term on a virtual machine on one of the Home PCs for development purposes. Since the embedded devices can all communicate with each other and the laptop, long term would work with the current setup.

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