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i have path name as below,

  1. abc4/2012
  2. abc4/2013
  3. abc45/2014
  4. abc45/2014

When i grep for 45 it is showing one instance of 4 and for 4 its showing all 45. i need to grep both single digit and double digit separately. please help

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egrep '([^0-9]4[^0-9]|[^0-9]45[^0-9])'

Does it for me - that is, 4 surrounded by non-digits, or 45 surrounded by non-digits.

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There are also named classes (at least in GNU grep) in the form of [:class_name:], e.g. [^0-9] can be written as [^[:digit:]] - this can be useful when grepping in non-POSIX locales (and when grepping for something else than numbers obviously). – peterph Dec 19 '13 at 12:00

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